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GTST in Lak

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26 April 2009 | Nederland, Amsterdam

Yesterday after our lunch we went to the beach, the beach at Plaza Resort again. While sunbathing we noticed a girl passing by and we recognised her: it was the girl who reacted on our blog at with the message that she was also going to Bonaire and she was flying on the same day. Her name is Rosanne. She didn't recognise us in the first place, but she walked by and after a while she took place near our beachbeds. At some point we both thought it would be nice to have a little chat with her, and so we did. She told us that her plane had 6 hours of delay and that she does have a good time on Bonaire now. She will be staying here untill August so she has got a lot of weeks ahead of her.
It was nice to have a little chat with her because she was all alone on the beach and we got the opportunity to discuss the best places to go to on the island. She told us that she went to Little Havanna on Friday so that this was the best place for us to go to.

After we said goodbye we left off back home again. We needed to go to work again. We only had two working days left so we were really looking forward to working, because it is a very nice job. We arrived at Will's Tropical Grill a little late but it didn't matter: being late doesn't matter anywhere on this island. We cleaned the chairs and we put the stools back into place and it was time to eat again. Yesterday we had bread, eggs and rosbeef for dinner and it was really good!! After dinner our boss came to us with two spoons with something on it.. and guess what; it was fish, fresh Tuna. We both don't really like fish so it was a big step but we did eat the Tuna (Emma: jaja mam, echt!) and we actually enjoyed it. Our boss told us that we enjoyed it because the Tuna was so fresh and in this way it doesn't really taste like fish. We touched it a few days ago, and now we actually tasted it... hehe.
While working we met both American and Dutch people, all adults and here for diving. We enjoyed talking to them and, ofcourse, all of the talking was done in English. At 20:30 our boss told us that the work was done, there weren't much people left in the restaurant. We called Peter to ask whether he was in Little Havanna already (which we arranged) but he wasn't. We waited at the restaurant and while waiting our boss offered us a very delicious dessert: a plate with whipcream with a coffee liqueur, melten chocolate, chocolate chip cookies and vanilla ice (HEAVEN!) and a milkshake from Suthje (Will and Sue, did we spell it correct?), a woman who is a collegue of ours. We ultimately enjoyed it and around 21:30 we left off to see Peter and Irma at Little Havanna, the place to be. Our boss brought us there and he was offered a beer by Peter and Irma so we had a little chat and then our boss left again.

Little Havanna was good to be at. There was a nice atmosphere and a lot of Dutch people. We enjoyed our time there and we got home a little late so that's the reason why we slept a little longer this morning. Little Havanna will be the place we will celebrate Queens Night together with Peter and Irma. On Queensday we will go to Rincon, a place on Bonaire, near Kralendijk ofcourse, to celebrate Queensday (the whole island will go to Rincon though!).

This morning Emma woke up around 10:30 but Lisa stayed in bed untill 12:30. After that we went to Lac, a nice little place on a kind of peninsula. We arrived there and we noticed that this place was full of Dutch people too. There were some locals though but they left the moment we came, hehe. We both agreed on that fact that a part of the Dutch women that came here were similar to the women who you see in the program 'Voetbal Vrouwen' or women similar to Connie Breukhoven. Botoxed women wearing a sunglasses of Gucci and they must own a very big house on this Caribbean Island. They must have been very nice though, we can't judge because we didn't talk to them. We did talk to some other Dutch people about our stay, mostly friends of Peter and Irma because they both visit Lac every week. This is because a band performes every week and a lot of people visit Lac on Sunday. (at the end they said to the entire crowd: Dikke kus op jullie kleine bruine neusjes!)

There was drama in Lac though. Let's call them names. Woman 1 is called Bep. Woman 2 is called Trudi. The 3rd woman Joke. Trudi and Bep were best friends, they were both at Lac. Trudi was chatting with other people than Bep, when Joke came to her. Bep and Joke had been arguing for a long time already so Bep was not amused that Trudi and Joke were chatting. So Bep gave Trudi the finger. They started yelling and shouting at each other. Bep told Trudi that they weren't best friends any more, and she didn't have to call. Trudi ended up crying and telling other people Bep was so mean and that it was not fair. Of course, these names aren't real, but we didn't know their names and this made it a lot easier to tell the story. A drama in Lac......
After the drama we went swimming in the sea of beautiful Lac and we saw some increadible things. We saw a sea snake, a very big dead fish and a crab who suddenly disappeared which Emma was scared of.
We saw someone practising kitesurfing which was very nice to see. On Tuesday we will go surfing as well so we're looking forward to that!
This drama in Lac was like 'Goede Tijden Slechte Tijden' in Holland, but much more intense because we were on the set ourselves!!!

After that we went back home and now we're home again typing our blog on the laptop!

x Lisa & Emma

By the way: no one heats up bread here because as soon as you take bread out of the fridgerator and wait for 2 minutes, the bread is already ready to be eaten, so imagine how hot it is over here ;)
Thank you all for all the nice comments, we both appreciate it. It's good to read all of your reactions!
One last thing: Some people are wondering who of us is typing our blogs: we both do and we change now and then so our messages come from us both at the same time.

  • 27 April 2009 - 08:35


    Zo te lezen is het genieten daar!!!!
    Het werk zit er zeker op nu, dus slapen,zonnen en feesten of niet?
    dikke kus Ing.

  • 27 April 2009 - 09:03

    Reinout Oerlemans:

    Bedankt voor het idee voor het format dat jullie hierboven beschreven. Jullie hebben me geïnspireerd tot een nieuwe serie GTST die zich ditmaal op Bonaire afspeelt.
    Daarbij wi ik jullie natuurlijk in de hoofdrol.Lisa als beppende Bep en Emma als treiterende Trudi.

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