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28 April 2009 | Nederland, Amsterdam

Hello People!

Combai? (heel veel verder komen we nog niet in het papiamento)

Let's start where we left off: sunday evening. Well after our big adventure at Lac we went to the knoek again and had saté, with Peter and some Dutch friends of him. They live in Groenekan ( emma: yes dad, dinie form Groenekan )

We are very very tired now so we will keep this whole thingie short this time why we are so tired you'll find out later in this blog exciting isn't it?

On sunday we went to bed quite early because we we're very tired from the tiring day at Lac.

On monday we woke up at around 9:00 AM, and around 10:30 we left to the beach at Van der Valk again. As you can see we enjoyed outr day and after the sunbathing and getting red we went back home. We changed clothes and then we had to go to work ( our last working day)

We really enjoyed our last day because the staff was nice and after that we went to Karel's Bar to meet Peter and ofcourse we had a little small tiny drink there. After the drink we had Dutch snacks like BITTERBALLEN! That was very nice because Emma missed it ( and lisa too a small tiny little bit)

Well after that we went home and we went to bed, this was because we were very tired again, doing all those stuff we do and the temperature makes you very tired.

Today our big adventure began we went windsurfing. We took a lesson of 1 hour and rented a board for 1 hour to practice our new skills. We waited from 10 till 2 to get a lesson (maar dan heb je ook wat) because the woman who was going to teach us told us the windsurfingclass began at 2 o'clock. Because we got red on monday we sunbathed with our clothes on. The spot where the whole thing took place was very beautifull. The water was max 1 metre deep and very warm so it was a good place to learn to surf.

At 2 o'clock we started with some theory and after 15 minutes we were allowed to go into the water already. At the beginning we struggled but after a while we managed to stand on the board and do some serious surfing. ( eather backward or forward) Not as serious as most people but we were ok.
at 3:30 Peter came and took some pictures and made a small film which was very funny to watch back home because you could see yourself fall off of the board. After that we did some more snacking and went home.

When we arrived home we took a shower because we were very sandy and salty . This evening we decided to take Peter and Irma out for dinner because of their hospitality, and there ain't no betrer plce then: WIL'S TROPICAL GRILL!! ( this is where we have been working in case you have been on Mars) . We had a nice time but we did not say goodbye to the owners because tommorow it is queensnight and we'll see them at little havanas where all the dutchies ( this is how we're called here) will go.

Now we are in our bedroom typing this blog but actually we just want to go to sleep. So that is what we're going to do now!


  • 30 April 2009 - 13:12


    Lekker, ik hoop dat het leuk is! Groetjes (en kusjes) Mat.

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